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A cartoning machine or cartoner, is a packaging machine that forms a carton board blank into a carton filled with a product or bag of products or number of products into single carton. After the filling, the machine engages its tabs / slots to apply adhesive and close both the ends of carton completely sealing the carton.

ECI Packaging Limited offers wide range of Cartoners, which can perform different types of operations, depending on your requirements and manufacturing sector:


Food, chemical and other cartoning

  • Vertical cartoning machines

The Company BETTI currently places at the disposal of its customers a broad range of vertical cartoning machines, American case-packer machines and machines to cater for all requirements with production outputs of up to 360 cartons a minute, 32 cases a minute, depending on the different models.

  • Horizontal cartoning machines
  • Vertical cartoning machines
  • Tray style cartoning

ECONOCORP Inc. is a recognized worldwide leader in cartoning and casepacking. It is the only company in the world that is 100% focused on moderate-speed cartoning and casepacking.

  • End load / horizontal cartoners
  • Top load cartoners
  • Vertical load cartoners

Langen Packaging Group is a packaging equipment solution provider with over 20 years experience of offering reliable standard and custom packaging machinery for: Cartoning, Case Packing and Palletizing for a wide variety of consumer good products.