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Overwrapping is a versatile and well trusted form of packaging which not only improves product presentation but also preserves freshness and enhances shelf life.

The low energy and low raw material cost requirements for overwrapping have always ensured cost savings when compared to other forms of wrapping. When used for collating, the cost of overwrapping is less expensive than carton board based solutions and by using bio-degradable films just as easy to recycle.

This combination of high product appeal, versatility and cost saving has meant that overwrapping is applicable across a wide range of industries.


Marden Edwards, established in 1962, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of wrapping and packaging machines.
Over 8500 Overwrapping systems have been manufactured in our factories in the UK and Germany and installed into over 150 countries worldwide. It is a measure of the reliability and lasting quality of the machinery that many of the early machines produced more than 40 years ago are still in production.

A complete range of Overwrapping machinery is available, covering a wide range of product sizes and production speeds. Our systems are supported by a worldwide network of local agents and distributors which ensures that expertise and service support is always available locally.
ECI Limited is the official and exclusive distributor of Marden Edwards in CIS. We offer you the benefit of Marden Edwards unrivalled expertise and experience in the field of wrapping and packaging machines. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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