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Product packaging in soft food films is increasingly gaining popularity in the Russian market. This package provides a reliable product protection from external influences, such as moisture and oxygen, helps to extend the shelf life of the product, especially when it comes to food and pharmaceutical products, has an attractive look for a buyer, at the same time having a low initial cost. The bags can contain almost any product, depending on the type of packaging equipment used, such as liquid and pasty (mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces), solid (snacks, chips, animal feed), powders (coffee, detergents, pharmaceuticals) and individual products (bread, chocolate bars, medical goods, etc.).

The most popular types of bags listed below::

Doypack pouch is a stand-up pouch, made of two-, three- or four layers laminate films. Such type of package is light and moisture resistant, can perfectly retain odors, while preserving original quality of product.
Flow-pack – is special kind of package, mostly used for individual packaging of different goods and products. This type of package is produced on a horizontal type packaging machines and can be made of various types of flexible plastic films and laminates, alu-foils, papers and thin cartons. The form of this package is typical: it has one longitudinal seal lengthwise and two end seals on the edges.
Pillow-bag is very comfortable and ergonomic type of a bag, produced on vertical type packaging machines.
Sachet is a small flat bag with three or four seals. Very broad range of products can be packed in sachet, such as powders, instant drinks, granulated coffee, yeasts, some types of cereals, dusty products, pharmaceutical mixtures, cosmetics and so on.

ECI Packaging Limited offers wide range of bagging machines, which can produce different types of packs, depending on your requirements:

  • Horizontal form fill seal machines
  • Vertical baggers
  • Hygienic packagers
  • Complete lines

VOLPAK is an international leading company in the packaging industry, specialized in manufacturing of machines for 'Doypack' and 'Sachet' bags for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Horizontal flowpack machines
  • Automatic feeding systems

ECI Packaging LTD. has over 23 years of experience and the know-how in manufacturing custom-designed automatic horizontal flow wrapper to handle a wide range of solid products.

  • Horizontal flow-wrapping machines
  • Automatic feeding system

Synchropack is a clear international referent in the packaging world, as specialists in design and manufacturing of tailor-made horizontal flow-wrapping machines and automatic feeding systems.