Whatever your alimentary product, you’re bound to find the best solution among our huge range of food processing and packaging equipment. Our machines are characterized by operation versatility to save your production time, and meet hygienic, quality and productivity requirements in every respect. Our clients in CIS food market enjoy not only high protection quality of packs, but also better shelf-appeal of their products.

  • mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sauces, beverage
  • snack foods & cereals
  • candy, confection, pasta
  • coffee, tea, other powder food products
  • fruits & vegetables
  • frozen products
  • meat & poultry
  • cheese & dairy etc.


In the cosmetics industry, not only hygiene and quality standards are essential. As far as the ultimate consumer always associates the quality of package with the quality of product inside, high presentation quality of the package is also very important for manufacturing competitive products. Bearing this in mind, we supply equipment, which produce both hygienic and appealing packages for your success in the cosmetics market.

  • creams, gels, toothpaste, hair care, dyes, bath products
  • towels, tissues, personal care
  • make-up, mascara, lipstick


ECI contribution in your progress in chemical sector is reliable processing and packaging systems, which are sensitive to special nature of powder and liquid chemicals and satisfy strict environmental regulations.

  • liquid & powder detergents, household products, glues
  • fertilisers, seeds, stuccos
  • photographic emulsions, ink


If you haven’t found your product among applications, listed in our website, don’t hesitate to contact us – we have a great variety of machines, which specialize or can be reconfigured for processing or packaging of other products, f.e. software, paper, tobacco, metal and plastic items etc.