Econocorp Cartoning Equipment

Econocorp a recognized worldwide leader in cartoning and casepacking for moderate and lower production volumes. The company was founded in 1955 and was a mechanical consulting firm until the late 1960's.
In 1968, the firm invented a small, tabletop carton sealer (the Twinseal), and the company made a transition from special inventing to a standard product line.
ECONOCORP has expanded its product line considerably over the years, but it remains the only company in the world that is 100% focused on moderate-speed cartoning and casepacking.

  • Automatic horizontal cartoning machine for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, parfume and other industries.
  • Cartoning of small bottles, bags, blisters and other products.
  • Seed up to 240 cartoners per minute.
  • Semi-automatic and automatic.
  • Date coder (hot-foil or ink), automatic leaflet insertion.
  • High accuracy of all operations.
  • Compactness.
  • Smooth speed regulation.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • CE certified.