Volpak: 'Doypack' & 'Sachet' Equipment

Volpak is an international leading company in the packaging industry, specialized in manufacturing of machines for 'Doypack' and 'Sachet' bags for food and pharmaceutical industries. Today Volpak exports its products to 90 countries with more than 7000 machines operating in the world and more than 125 machines in CIS.

  • Intermittent motion horizontal form fill and seal machines for solids, liquid, paste-like and other products to pack in heatsealble bags.
  • Bag’s types: “Doypack”- stand-up pouch, “Sachet”- 3 or 4 side sealed pouch, shaped bag.
  • Applicators for caps, straw, zippers.
  • Systems for wet-nap production.
  • Many different types of dosing systems available, according to the requirements of the customer.
  • Special dosing systems for multi-component products in one bag (soups, mixers etc.)
  • Complete cartooning and case packing equipment available.
  • Different models with packing speed up to 320 bags per minute.
  • CE certified.