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Filling & Closing

Pharmaceutical filling lines

  • Sterile dosing and filling lines

Macofar - a brand of Romaco Group - built on its early reputation as an expert in sterile powder handling by developing a range of equipment to complement its superb mircodosing machines, including high performance liquid fillers, washing machines and sterilization tunnels. Applications:

  • Variety of filling combination in capsule filling (powders, pellets, tablets)
  • Wide range of powders, granulates and liquids
  • Wide range of containers shapes and materials (round, oval and square vials - plastics or glass)
  • Wide range of closures such as child-resistant caps, rubber stoppers, aluminum caps, screw caps, pumps, droppers, atomizers, spray pumps
  • Aseptic filling lines
  • Isolator technologies

STERILINE was established in 1989 for the purpose of producing automatic equipment for pharmaceutical companies. STERILINE is currently one of the most successful European manufacturers of aseptic filling lines and isolator technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, worldwide.


Tube filling

  • Tube filling lines

Unipac - a member of Romaco group - is a recognized leader in developing and production of tube filling lines.A comprehensive range of options for customization make Unipac machines the preferred choice across a range of industries, including Pharma, Cosmetics, Chemical and Food.

  • Laminate tubes
  • Plastic tubes
  • Aluminum tubes
  • Plastic syringes