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CVC Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

CVC Technologies, Inc. was originally founded in 1979 and has since grown to be one of the leading labeling and packaging equipment manufacturers in the world. Its US Headquarters is located in Fontana, CA. The company has sales and manufacturing facilities in multiple countries around the globe.

  • Tablet and capsule counting lines
  • Liquid packaging solutions
  • Labeling systems
  • Inspection machines
  • Capsule fillers and additional equipment
  • Blister packaging
  • End-of-line secondary packaging



Tablet and capsule counting lines


Bottle Unscrambler
Specially designed to meet the packaging line requirements in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.
Desiccant Inserter
When products like pharmaceuticals and vitamins are exposed to moisture, desiccants are able to prevent moisture damage by absorbing moisture from the air.
The CVC challenger will fulfill all your needs of tablet / capsule counting and filling. It enables every possibility!
Check Weigher
The CVC 1110 Check Weigher performs dynamic weighting and checking, it is intended to be integrated as part of the packaging line.
The CVC Cotton Inserter converts cotton into preset lengths. The coil is pulled apart into desired lengths by feeding through zho pairs of pincers.
The compact-designed CVC 1206-H2 in-line capping system provides the great performance of high speed and stability to satisfy the modern bulk production.
CVC Induction Capsealer
This field heats only the foil liner, melting a polymer coating which forms an hermetic seal with the container lining.
CVC Cap Retorquer
The CVC 1208 In-line Cap Retorquer ensures the capping quality after bottle passed through the induction capsealing station.
CVC1612 intermittent type cartoner is designed for cartoning output up to 60 units per minute. 

User friendly and compact-designed bundler can group and pack small and medium size products, with an output up to 15 packs per min. (in 2 x 4, 8pcs/pack), and 12 packs per min. (in 4 x 6, 24pcs/pack).