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ECM - Counting lines

ECM is a promising venture company located in Bucheon, Korea, that manufactures various packaging equipment including bottle unscramblers, air cleaners, tablet counters, desiccant inserters, cotton/film inserters, cappers, labelers, leaflet outserters,stretch banding and shrink wrappers. ECM has a long list of satisfied customers all around the world, including global pharmaceutical manufacturers as Pfizer, Aventis, Bayer, GSK, P&G.  
Since 2017 ECI Packaging ltd. is exclusive distributor in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries.
  • Tablet and capsule counting lines
  • Labeling systems
  • Cartoning machines
  • Blister inspection machines
  • End-of-line secondary packaging



Tablet and capsule counting lines


Bottle Unscrambler & Air Cleaner
Monoblock designed Bottle Unscrambler & Air Cleaner to clean inside of bottles by individual nozzles with Ionized air and vacuum suction.
Desiccant Inserter
Fully automatic sachet desiccant inserter. Designed to insert roll fed sachets into the bottle.
Counting all shapes of coated/uncoated tablet, hard and soft capsule with 100% accuracy. Continuous product feeding during the bottle change enabled by chute gating cylinders.
Check Weigher
Designed to prevent under/over weight product by weighing it through digital checking system which has high speed accuracy.
Film inserter / Cottoner
Designed to insert a predetermined length of PE-film / cotton pieces into various containers. Sensors detect the protruding film outside from container and reject.
Rotary Capper
Designed to handle various types of caps incl. CRC caps with up to 4 capping heads. Applied torque control of individual bottles by means of servo with electronic torque clutch.
Induction Sealer
High quality air cooled induction cap sealing system to prevent product contamination by creating a hermetic seal between cap and bottle.
CVC Cap Retorquer
Compensate loss of torque after induction sealing stage. Applied torque can be monitored on touch screen.

Labeler + Leaflet outserter
Labeler: Designed to apply self-adhesive labels to various bottles. Compact design offers high efficiency and stability for continuous production. 

Leaflet outserter: Applis pre-folded leaflets on the top of caps spraying with hot melt adhesives.

Highly advanced functional stretch banding & shrink wrapping machines for bottles, cartons and blisters. 


Print and Check system
Tracks various codes and converts data of all kinds of information which can meet current regulations on barcodes for pharmaceuticals. 






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