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Iskra PIO

Iskra Pio ltd is a company with domestic capital, which has a registered office and production facilities in Slovenia.

The company's main activity is the design and manufacturing of equipment for clean and cleaning technology. Additional programmes comprise of validation of rooms and production of ALU windows and doors.

The company was founded in 1991 after the insolvency of the company Upori ltd and started operating with 18 employees. Today, after 25 years, they have developed into a company with 109 permanent employees and several contract workers. 

In 2001the company marked its 10th anniversary by obtaining the quality certificate ISO 9001.

The main clients are pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, pharmacies, and research institutes.

The company Iskra Pio ltd has an organized development department, which employs 30 engineers. The department deals with designing equipment, developing the mechanical part of production, constructing machinery.

  • Safety cabintes
  • Sampling booths
  • Weighing cabins
  • LAF/UDF Units
  • Clean rooms
  • Processing equipment
  • Supplementary equipment for pharma
  • Ultrasonic cleaning baths
  • Washing devices