Truking Technology Limited is currently the largest Chinese manufacturer of aseptic filling and freeze drying (lyo) equipment, as well as the leading supplier of inspection systems, secondary packaging machinery, water-preparation and sterilization solutions, auxiliary equipment.

Starting on 1 January 2019 ECI Packaging Limited has become the exclusive representative of Truking Technology Limited in Russia, CIS countries, and Ukraine for all products.

Truking has an excellent reputation in international market supported it’s by the outstanding quality and the competitive advantages of the highly experienced supplier. ECI is proud to add this brand to our world class vendors portfolio.

Truking headquarters and manufacturing center is located at Changsha, China. Truking industrial park hosts manufacturing workshops, Central Technological University of Changsha and National Research and Innovations Center. And in the spring of 2019 opened their Solid Dosage processing laboratory adding from granulation to compaction and end of line solid dosage packaging.

Truking Technology Limited has 1389 national patents, including 361 on inventions and 11 international patents in USA, Japan, Russia and India.

More than 100 pieces of equipment already operate in Russia and CIS and more than 4000 in the world.



In 2017 Truking purchased Romaco Holding GmbH - multi-field manufacturer of packaging and processing equipment for pharmaceutical industry in Western Europe, which made Truking one of the largest worldwide manufacturer of pharmaceutical systems. ECI also is the exclusive distributor for Romaco brands in our territory since 2005.


  • Aseptic filling lines for vials, ampoules, syringes and cartriges
  • Vial filling with pre-stoppering and stoppering with rubber stoppers
  • Ampule filling and sealing
  • Capping machinery
  • Robotic systems for syringes filling
  • Integration into RABS and Isolators
  • Compact filling lines for vials, ampoules, infusion bags
  • Overall solutions for liquids filling and processing
  • Water preparation, washing and sterilization
  • PO and WFI preparation systems
  • Steam generators
  • Distillers
  • Washing equipment for vials and ampoules
  • Sterilizing tunnels
  • Autoclaves
  • Freeze Drying
  • Freeze drying plants for pre-stoppered vials or with direct filling on shelves (for APIs)
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • CIP/SIP with guided instructions on operator panel
  • Complete freeze-drying lines
  • Inspection
  • Highspeed automated inspection systems for a wide variety of glass and product defects
  • Leak check
  • X-ray inspection to detect foreign particles in lyo powders
  • Complete freeze drying lines
  • Secondary packaging
  • Thermoforming machines for packaging of ampoules and vials into blisters and trays
  • Cartoning machines
  • Casepacking
  • Labelling and serialization


Truking Technology introduction

Ampoule filling line

Vial filling line for OEB5

LYO plant with ALUS system

Robotic PFS filling line

Laboratory scale lyo line with Isolator

BFS production line

Compact vial filling line

Syringe packaging line