Romaco Kilian Pharmaceutical Tablet Presses

Pharmaceutical tablet presses for any demands, innovative standard and special tableting solutions.
Romaco Kilian provides an adequate response to the major challenges pharmaceutical industry is facing today - decreasing batch sizes, frequent product changes and increasing cost pressure- with its innovative standard or special tableting solutions.

  • High-end high speed tablet presses
  • Standard tablet presses with exchangeable die table
  • Laboratory and pilot plant presses

Versatile tablet presses for applications in the areas of food, chemistry and industry
Tablet presses which are used in the food or chemical industry must feature great machine efficiency, high pressing forces and large production capacities. The Romaco Kilian equipment meets all of these requirements and also offer reliability and technical highlights which provide for extremely high performance. In addition, they are perfectly suited for integration into a packaging line.

Various Types of Tablets
Romaco Kilian has adapted its machines to the requirements of the chemical and food industry in an optimum way that allows for highly efficient pressing of any customer products into various tablet forms and types:

  • Single-layer, double-layer and triple-layer tablets
  • Core-coated tablets (Tab-in-Tab)
  • The shape can be freely chosen (e.g. bone shape, faces, stars, animals)

Different application-specific filling and output systems provide for a continuously high machine performance, even with abrasive, poorly flowing and explosive products. It is possible to press very large (> 45 mm) tablets as well as extremely small (0.8 mm) micro tablets. Different multi-tip tooling increases the output and reduces production times.
Various clear market and technology leadership in strip packaging lines and custom engineered packaging technologies for drug delivery systems. Four-side seal packaging solutions for a variety of products and production speed requirements is guaranteed through an extensive range of machines and options.




Kilian E 150 Plus
Kilian KTP 180X
Kilian KTP 420X
Kilian KTP 720X
Kilian KTS 1000
Kilian RX
Kilian S 370 Prime
Kilian S 250 Smart
Kilian STYL'One Evolution
Kilian STYL'One