Romaco Macofar Sterile Dosing & Filling Lines

Romaco Macofar built on its early reputation as an expert in sterile powder handling by developing a range of equipment to complement its superb mircodosing machines, including high performance liquid fillers, washing machines and sterilization tunnels. Applications:

  • Variety of filling combination in capsule filling (powders, pellets, tablets)
  • Wide range of powders, granulates and liquids
  • Wide range of containers shapes and materials (round, oval and square vials - plastics or glass)
  • Wide range of closures such as child-resistant caps, rubber stoppers, aluminum caps, screw caps, pumps, droppers, atomizers, spray pumps
  • Washing machines
  • Depyrogenating tunnels
  • Dispensing powders machines
  • Sterile pouring machines
  • Filling and Stoppering machines
  • Capping machines
  • Filling capsules machines
  • Sterile packing lines


Macofar CD
Macofar LF 200
Macofar LVI
Macofar Macro
Macofar MAC
Macofar Micro 6
Macofar MicroMaxx
Macofar Micro 9/18
Macofar RWM
Macofar Tunnel
Macofar VF
Macofar WM 8000