Steriline Pharma Packaging Machines

STERILINE was established in 1989 for the purpose of producing automatic equipment for pharmaceutical companies. STERILINE is currently one of the most successful European manufacturers of aseptic filling lines and isolator technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, worldwide.
STERILINE offers a wide range of high quality products which are specifically designed to meet the customer needs for high flexible and compact installations.
STERILINE has meanwhile grown to one of the most trusted equipment suppliers for the pharmaceutical industry, which supplies its equipment to the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

  • Aseptic Filling Lines
  • Rotary washing machines
  • Linear washing machines
  • Depyrogenating tunnels
  • Filling machines
  • Stoppering/Capping machines
  • Decontaminating machines
  • Isolator Technologies
  • Compact lines
  • Filling line isolators
  • Open (RABS) and Closed (cRABS)
  • Stand-alone Isolator solutions



Steriline Машины внешней мойки
Steriline Машины для наполнения флаконов VFM
Steriline Барьерные системы cRabs и Изоляторы
Steriline Роботизированные машины розлива RVFM
Steriline Роторные машины мойки RA-RC
Steriline Машины для закатки флаконов VCM
Steriline Туннели депирогенизации