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Thomas Engineering


Thomas Engineering (USA) spent the past 60 years revolutionizing the tablet coating manufacturing process for the pharmaceutical industry.

The creation of the Accela-Cota coating system is a testament to the difference Thomas Engineering has made in the pharmaceutical industry. First introduced in 1969, this system continues to set the standard for modern tablet coating. The fully-perforated coating drum transformed the manufacturing process for years to come.

For many years, the company focused on creating the optimal tablet coating machinery. Since then, Thomas Engineering has worked on improving the overall process. They looked at the pain points in the tablet coating market and saw the need for a product that increased functionality and cleanability while keeping costs low.

The solution they implemented was exchangeable drums for tablet coating machinery. Exchangeable drums eliminate the risk of contamination, and removing the drum from the coater makes it easier to sterilize between batches.



Take advantage of qualification services of Thomas Engineering included in the purchase of tablet coating system. Thomas Engineering changed the industry and that trend continues today.


  • R&D and Lab coating pans
  • Flex 50
  • Flex 100
  • Industrial scale coating plants
  • Flex 200
  • Flex 500
  • Flex 1000
  • Accela-Cota series



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Описание FLEX 100
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