If your priorities are higher output and reduced downtime, or simply spare parts supply, you can rely on ECI expertise during full lifetime of your equipment. With our local technical specialists we handle the entire process: installation & commissioning, training in Russian or English, ongoing maintenance service, spare parts, technical phone support. Contact our multilingual after sales department for assistance.


Our engineers are leading technical specialists, who are constantly improving their skills at manufacturers’ sites to provide high quality technical support to our customers. The scope of services includes:
► Installation & start-up at customer’s site
► Supervision during start-up and Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
► Preventive and corrective maintenance & repair
► Training of customer’s technical personnel
Moreover, the technical support team is always ready to answer by phone any technical questions, whether about machine malfunction or software problems.

To make clear to the customer’s personnel all the operation procedures of machines, the ECI translation team provides necessary translation of operation and maintenance manuals and software into Russian.



As an experienced supplier of packaging machines ECI knows how valuable is your operating time. To minimize the downtime of your equipment we offer you comprehensive spare parts support and stock the most important spare parts in our local stock in Moscow. 
Thanks to established and time proved connection with our manufacturers we can deliver you the spare parts which are locally unavailable in shortest possible terms, administering all shipping and delivery processes, including customs clearance.