Romaco Packaging Equipment

Romaco is a leading global supplier of packaging technologies. The company develops, produces and sells system solutions that are specifically tailored to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The product range includes blister and strip packaging machines and cartoners. Romaco also manufactures equipment for filling sterile or non-sterile liquids and powders into bottles and vials. Electronic counting systems and machines for filling tubes and capsules round off the Romaco portfolio. As well as versatile tablet presses for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Customers in more than 180 countries around the world trust in Romaco technology. The company can supply either standalone units or complete line configurations depending on each customer's specification.
The product range of this single-source supplier includes primary and secondary packaging, sterile liquid and powder filling, and powder processing. More than 50,000 machines built by Romaco are currently in action in more than 180 countries around the globe. Around 450 staff support and supply customers all over the world.



On behalf of the Romaco company, we invite you to visit the virtual showroom, which presents technical innovations and other products of the company. You can take a virtual tour through Romaco virtual complex right now and get acquainted with the latest equipment and developments.




Liquid and powder filling equipment

Cartoning equipment

Strip and tube packaging

Blister primary packaging

Granulation and coating equipment

Tablet presses